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Welcome to YO:MA:MI !

YO:MA:MI is a unique program to support women during all the stages of motherhood, whether you are hoping to conceive, adopt, pregnant, or you have children. The program provides mothers with essential tools to cope with the challenges of motherhood based on the principles of mindfulness and yoga.

We believe that motherhood is the perfect opportunity to cultivate and deepen the practices that enable us to become more in tune with ourselves and our lives.

In YO:MA:MI workshops and classes, you will learn a set of practices to cultivate a stronger connection between your body and mind. This provides a basis to adapt to changes in your life and experience greater strength and joy. With the tools from this program you will be able to maintain a connection with your child and lay the foundation for your child to develop a healthy and strong sense of self.

YO:MA:MI has been developed based on current thinking and research on mindfulness and yoga, combined with a foundation in psychological theories of adapting to change, attachment, and child development.  The tools are translated into easily accessible concepts that can be integrated into daily life during pregnancy and early motherhood. In addition to building strength and encouraging relaxation, YO:MA:MI offers practical ways to cultivate wisdom that can be applied to our daily lives during this challenging and busy time.

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